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18 October 2009 @ 12:10 pm

After a long rest from Sims2 I will put up finally some newbies.
Today a wall and floorset with 5 walls and three floors/ceilings.

Preview here

Download here

03 July 2009 @ 11:23 pm
mimi's shade


I always loved that shade of Mimi's Boudoir by TKAngie (or TKhene like she is called at TSR) and finally worked out to finish some recolors for it. There are 15 different curtains plus the meshes in the package to download. Many thanks for your great policy TK! 

There is also another recolor for Buggybooz' kitchen, this time with a tiled countertop.

Overview pic for all recolors (sorry for the lousy pic)
Another deco-example (stunning recolor of exotic elements sofa by bluetexasbonnie)

15 Mimishade recolors including the Meshes which are basegamecompatible ~
Buggybooz kitchenrecolor bluetiled ~

Find more of TKAngie's beautiful work at
TSR, armchairtraveler or daydreamsforum

30 June 2009 @ 11:42 am
delicious shakerlicious


darkwood ~ download


honeywood ~ download


redwood ~ download


greenwood ~ download

four wooden recolors for buggybooz' stunning shakerlicious kitchen. get the meshes here

please give me all four of them  ~ download


30 June 2009 @ 11:36 am
ay dios mio

ay dios mio - twotiled mural - an hommage to frida kahlo ~

[credits - adele window&sofa ~ om/zarrie teapot ~ simplystyling/zarrie little table ~ blackypanther chinese hat]

20 June 2009 @ 11:58 pm
thecaribe - artshop

What looks like several houses is only one small house with an attached shop. A homebusiness for an artist's family. No fear if you don't like caring for plants, they are all care-free. As there is already so much CC for the house and garden I added only the unfurnished version. In the zip are two folders, one is the sims2pack for the house and the other one a folder with all the CC, as there are so many items that wouldn't show up when only unpacking the house. So you have to put that CC-folder additionally into your Downloadsfolder of the game. I really hope that everything works well. Should there be problems in installing the lot please give feedback - thanks :-)
A detailed credits list with all according links is included and should help you sorting out double content.

I want to thank all those great creators who allow including their creations into lots - for this lot in special:

For the House

Beosboxboy @ All4Sims / TSR - Arkham Floors
Buggybooz @ MTS - Lilly Wallamps, MumboJumbograss
Corvidophile @ Sironasims - Stuccowalls
Chalipo & Engelchen @ All4Sims - Recolors of Olemantikers Mediterranean Windows, halfwalls
Jope @ Simplystyling - Wooden Floor and Outdoorfloor
Macarossi @ MTS - Pictureglassdoor
Marvine @ MTS - Animated Ladder, Concrete Spiral Stairs, Concrete matching fence
Mammut @ Blackypanther - roof recolor
Mäusel@Simsfan2.de - wooden floor
KajsaK @ Castle in the Clouds and Avalon - for the Caribe Wall Collection that gave the house it's name
LetheS @ MTS - Medieval door & archway
Olemantiker @ MailOrderBride / All4Sims - Mediterranean Windows, Breeze Windows
Orangemittens, Sky, Steffor @ Avalon - Walls and Floors, lamps, Artstudio Sign, Dormire Window, Fountain
Pixelhate @ MTS - Thank You Numenor Fullposters plus Graffiti and Degradation Recolors
Sandy @ ATS - Souk Bath Window
Shufonk @ MTS - Donglearch
Taroo @ TaroxSims - Medieval Window
Tiggerypum @ MTS - LetheS - archway recolors

For Garden and Outdoordecoration

Alex Stanton @ MTS - div plants and palmtrees
Beosboxboy @ All4Sims and TSR - Arkham fence and stuff, fenceArbouretum for the carport
Buggybooz @ MTS - MumboJumbo Grass
Nengi65 @ Simcrossing - Big Oleander, div recols of Pondcollection, Rockcollection
Chalipo & Engelchen @ All4Sims - recolors of fenceArbouretum and Pondcollection
Corvidophile @ Sironasims - big Cactus, Phlonx, Southwesternbeams
Corvidophile @ MTS - Darkproject, div Recolors of Lethe S Medieval Doors
Gnurpsel @ Meshkiste - Advertising Pilar
Khakidoo @ MTS - shrubs
Macarossi @ MTS Pondcollection and Waterfall
mickyss @ MTS - wondering ivy
Olemantiker @ All4Sims - VandenBricks fencelamp
Simnuts@IsleofMaltha - shrubborder-fence
Sims In Paris-outdoorfountain
Speedy @ Blackypanter - Bananatrees
Tolli @ Simsgedöhns - Poolladder, Divingboard
Taroo @ Taroxsims - barrels

Quite a list - lol - if I forgot anybody - please accept my excuses, just give me a short hint and I will add you! For downloading - please remember that I've got all EPs. And now much fun in the south :-) - Juli.

TheCaribe - Artshop, maxis lot 2x3, landscaped but unfurnished, 57.310 Simoleons